...the supplier of choice!

SDL Training provides Information Advice & Guidance throughout all our work with employers and individuals - we are all Advanced Practitioners in Careers Education Guidance (CEG) & fully support, promote and practice the framework of the  'Client Entitlement Statement' (comissioned by LLUK - March 2011 now LSIS) that demonstrates our commitment to good practice & client-focused services within adult career guidance.  

What makes us different to many other providers is our total commitment to a learner-centred approach which includes a thorough level of initial assessment -   technical & generic, fully negotiated support & feedback, attendance or visited or distance learning methods, active encouragement to participate, reflect & be in control of own learning - this is firmly embedded at an organisational, employer and individual learner level!

We passionately believe in delivering solutions that are responsive to the employer & individual learner and offer training as well as many qualifications by distance learning as well as work based learning visits & contact - we never 'just put you on a course' without thorough assessment & discussion, analysis of need, suitability & agreement etc.  We are providing the new QCF qualifications & welcome their credit system for learners & employers alike.  Offering a wider range of qualifications to suit individual/employer needs - not just the 'usual suspects' that so often are sold generically to cover all job roles!  

Unlike most general IAG providers we deliver a fully detailed & qualified R/APL service integrally as part of our quality service to each client - Recognition/Accreditation of Prior Learning, is offered to each client to award any previous learning or experience that may provide credit to your proposed qualification route(s) & prevents unecessary duplication of learning and/or exemption from undertaking certain elements and we also have have been offering Credit Transfer for qualifications that are QCF & that can be transferred to a new qualilfication immediately with no further work required - this is proving most beneficial to learners & employers alike!- this is all part of our Initial Assessment & Guidance that informs you as the client & enables you to be in control of your learning & development and enhances your negotiated/agreed Learning Plan.  We always remain Learner-Centred!  

We always negotiate an Individual Learning Plan which is bespoke to each individual!  This forms the basis of all our work with you and is a working document that shows input, participation, feedback & evaluation, of all those involved and is added to as your course of learning develops - this document maps your development journey!

We believe that in offering a 'one-stop' service that is more comprehensive & inclusive, we can not only demonstrate our committment to respect diversity & value our clients as individuals with individual priorities but also help us to realise our aims and goals.  

As an independent centre all our consultants are experienced practitioners known for their success in delivery of not just outstanding results but also business practice & being commited to our shared ethos of being 'the supplier of choice'.

We pride ourselves in that we also 'set the bar high' for our staff - all are qualified & highly experienced Assessors, IQAs/Verifiers/Moderators/Standards Verifiers, Tutors/Lecturers, Careers Advisers and all hold a minimum of level 3 English & Maths (updated yearly) and minimum level 4 Occupational qualifications.  We specialise in Learning & Development and offer a wide range of training & qualifications in Advice, Assessment, Teaching & Training, Quality Assurance, Learning Support & Management as well as offering other occupational & vocational areas at all levels.  We are able to offer impartial advice & guidance and also signpost to other specialist working partners if required and are proud to be associated with these professional practitioners in a network of total quality. 

In our consultancy work we can draw on our expertise to provide assistance with contract tendering, procurement, policy writing through to support in setting up as a centre & accreditation.  We provide Assessment & IQA/Internal Verification + Moderation services that are supplied to your needs & requirements and to ensure excellent internal & external quality.  We also provide Learning Support, Tutor, Assessor & Verifier/Quality Assurance training and mentoring/support to develop your staff & business inc. how to work smart & 'add value'.  This can be achieved by group delivery or one-to-one work & support - we often work with individuals who may not be able to attend 'traditional classes' at venues that require employer release, time, travel etc. We come to you and we also deliver the Level 3 Award & Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training work based! 

We work with all types of businesses - small, medium & large and work with Public, Private and Third Sector & Voluntary organisations locally, regionally and nationally & internationally via freelance, temporary, contract or any other agreed method. 

Specialists at delivering Functional Skills successfully for those on all levels of Apprenticeship programmes - we contract with many providers across all occupational areas who utilise us to deliver this crucial learning part of the framework.  Currently delivering KBE (Knowledge Based Elements) in many occupational areas for Apprenticeship frameworks inc. PLTS (Personal Learning & Thinking Skills).  We also offer BTEC WorkSkills, Workskills for Effective Learning & Employment at all levels and also deliver the STEM Leadership Skills qualifications.

Being independent enables us to work extensively with other educational & training institutions & local authorities inc. schools, FE & HE and County Councils in supporting their staff development & business plans at many levels as there is no conflict of interest & of course guarantee complete client confidentiality.  We work 'openly' and/or 'behind the scenes' -  as the host requests.

All staff are in possession of the new Enhanced (DBS) Disclosure & Barring Service check & SDL Training Services are committed to the CRB Code of Practice.