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SDL Training Services

A considered and bespoke quality approach to individual, group & organisational Learning, Development, Employability & Advice needs - where access, participation & diversity are the key foundation values & culture of our entire operation.  

SDL Training Services aim to provide a complete professional service - Careers Advice, Training Needs Analysis, Nationally Accredited & Non-accredited tailored Learning,  RPL Advice & Credit Transfer for qualifications, Learning & Development, Centre Quality Systems, Teaching/Tutoring/Lecturing, Assessment & Internal Quality Assurance services to organisations, job specification/description creation, recruitment & selection - contracted/ad hoc & bespoke, Coaching & Support work, Skills Assessment & Diagnostics, Bid Writing, Policy & Procedure creation & development as well as Bespoke training services to organisations.     

We  offer our unique 'Facilitate & Develop' service for organisations to become their own training centres for qualifications - thus enabling self-sufficiency and complete control for the learning & development of the workforce plus financial control and autonomy and supported by us for all quality assurance - staff achieving far quicker whatever the level, bespoke mixed units can be undertaken to suit role or individual & not having to do an inappropriate Apprenticeship framework just to get it 'funded' and this going to a provider you do not know & then no problems waiting for a variety of Assessors to arrive etc.  Take Control! - the most obvious & economical route for businesses to train staff.                                               

Providing all types of programs inc. Private, Employability Skills, STEM Leadership Skills, CPD,  Bespoke,  Updating & Up-Skilling,  Credit Accumulation for entry to HE - QCF/FHEQ,   Management Skills,  Careers Guidance inc. Advice & Guidance to Diploma Levels,  Apprenticeships - Intermediate & Advanced for Adults & Young People plus we also offer the new Higher Apprenticeships at Level 4 or 5.   We offer many courses via fully supported distance learning & using Skype for observations to enable widest participation & fit in with life/work commitments.

We work with all types of individuals & organisations - micro, small, medium, large & in all sectors & are free from the confines that most funded/co-funded programmes operate under - we believe in 'equality of service & access', not inequality and operate without a 'contract/target remit' and find that we do not then prevent organisations, employers or individuals participating in learning due to age, previous achievements or other reasons!  We are grounded in that we also know that even something that is offered 'free', 'no cost' or 'small contribution' inevitably ends up costing considerably in the short/med & long term and not just money - presuming that you wanted it in the first place!!  

We offer a wide range of training including specific industry qualifications that lead to & recognise employability enabling us to meet individual, employer & local needs - we avoid generic qualifications that often do not allow a job-role/specialism to be identified & demonstrated - thus making the initial advice redundant & unprofessional.  We will source or signpost if we do not have something in our portfolio & will never persuade you to take a generic qualification to make a 'sale' or achieve a target!  All clients are completely respected and their investment in us is our accountability                                                                   We can however, often source funding for certain programmes that are based on eligibility of age & also offer discrete referral to our personally recommended network of quality providers for training that is requested outside our current service offer.                                                       We do not impose & are impartial, discrete & completely independent!  

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